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superior rubric
Lord of the Rings
Major Arcana
0 The Fool
I The Magician
II The Popess
III The Empress
IV The Emperor
V The Pope
VI The Lovers
VII The Chariot
VIII Strength
IX The Hermit
X The Wheel of Fortune
XI Justice
XII The Hanged Man
XIII Death
XIV Temperance
XV The Devil
XVI The Tower of Destruction
XVII The Star
XVIII The Moon
XIX The Sun
XX The Judgement
XXI The World
1 Ace of Wands
2 Two of Wands
3 Three of Wands
4 Four of Wands
5 Five of Wands
6 Six of Wands
7 Seven of Wands
8 Eight of Wands
9 Nine of Wands
10 Ten of Wands
11 Page of Wands
12 Knight of Wands
13 Queen of Wands
14 King of Wands
1 Ace of Swords
2 Two of Swords
3 Three of Swords
4 Four of Swords
5 Five of Swords
6 Six of Swords
7 Seven of Swords
8 Eight of Swords
9 Nine of Swords
10 Ten of Swords
11 Page of Swords
12 Knight of Swords
13 Queen of Swords
14 King of Swords
1 Ace of Pentacles
2 Two of Pentacles
3 Three of Pentacles
4 Four of Pentacles
5 Five of Pentacles
6 Six of Pentacles
7 Seven of Pentacles
8 Eight of Pentacles
9 Nine of Pentacles
10 Ten of Pentacles
11 Page of Pentacles
12 Knight of Pentacles
13 Queen of Pentacles
14 King of Pentacles
1 Ace of Cups
2 Two of Cups
3 Three of Cups
4 Four of Cups
5 Five of Cups
6 Six of Cups
7 Seven of Cups
8 Eight of Cups
9 Nine of Cups
10 Ten of Cups
11 Page of Cups
12 Knight of Cups
13 Queen of Cups
14 King of Cups
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